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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tips for a Happy Green Thanksgiving

1. Compost. You're going to be having lots of vegetable side dishes, right? What better time to start a compost bin. From Thanksgiving alone (with its loads of apple pies and mashed potatoes) you may be able to generate enough soil to do a lovely container garden next year. Here's a quick do-it-yourself-compost-bin perfect for the holidays. Did you know you can compost those left-over newspaper ads, too?

2. Use those Leftovers. This is where Pittsburgh really shines. Recently we were ranked 4th in the nation for using reusable containers and 7th for eating leftovers. What better time to exercise those skills than Thanksgiving?

3. Make Stock. The day after Thanksgiving while everybody else is running to Best Buy and Target like their heads are cut off, cut all the good meat off of your turkey, and drop the carcass in a big pot of boiling water. A few hours later, you'll have the basis of lots of good meals this winter. Toss in any leftover raw vegetables you have for added flavor and richness. You can use the stock for turkey soup, risottos, gumbo, and more.

4. Take a Walk. Pittsburghers are famous for hopping in the car to go short distances. In the same study as the leftovers study, we ranked "worst in the nation ranking was for driving on trips that are less than two miles from home." If Uncle Jim lives closer than 2 miles, try walking there this year. It'll even help you burn off all those extra calories from eating the meal and upcoming leftovers.

Do you have more tips for a happy green Thanksgiving?