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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The California Way - banning incandescent light bulbs

A California assemblyman has proposed a bill that would ban incandescent light bulbs.

I expect Governor Schwarzenegger to jump on this proposal which would put California further ahead of the curve on global warming and energy efficiency. These laws are the sort of mandate necessary to change the behavior of consumers and businesses. Without a law banning incandescents it is highly unlikely that the majority of households would ever replace their conventional bulbs with compact fluorescents.

Some other green initiatives that California has spearheaded:

1). California is requiring all public utilities to produce at least 20% of their power from alternative sources by 2017

2). At least two California utilities have partnered with Stirling Energy Systems to build large scale solar thermal plants, capable of generating electricity on the scale of a coal burning plant

3). California started the 1 million solar roof program, offering over $2 billion in incentives for residential and commercial properties

4). Several other key initiates that I can't think of at the moment, check the official website for more on the state of California's energy initiatives.

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