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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

CitizenRE - hope for Solar Power?

Citizenre offers a service for homeowners where the company rents you a PV solar panel installation and you only pay for the cost of the electricity generated. There is alot of buzz around this offering........and, with anything that sounds too good to be true - plenty of skepticism.

I have a good friend over in NY who shares the same passion I have for green energy. He is currently exploring the possibility of joining the firm as a sales manager. I have posted a while back that the lack of infrastructure on the service/installation end of the value chain was hurting solar's penetration rate. Here is a brief summary from friend Jon, there is plenty more information on the program and service at Citizenre's website.

"Main points are this !!!

1. No upfront Cost, where normally solar panels were around 40 k and up to buy equipment not including installation or anything else.2

2. Energy savings and stability that increase exponentially the longer you sign up for (1 yr., 5 yrs., 25 yrs.)

3. Feeling good about actively reducing greenhouse gases (equivalent of 25 cars per yr. estimated), reducing reliance on foreign oil, taking real steps to save the environment.

The main point is that all this is done with no investment and provides savings for the customer!"

Since this is a hot topic and there is plenty of debate out there, please leave any comments if you've heard anything different on this service or if you know of anyone involved in the sales or marketing of Citizenre.

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