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Monday, February 19, 2007

For or against the theory of Global Warming - Does it Matter?

I was listening to the Sean Hannity show on the way home from work and I still cannot get over how these guys politicize critical issues such as global warming and the environment. He basically said that those supporting Global Warming are "fear mongering" and that the winter storms all over the country mean that global warming is BS. What is funny to me is how the debate is less about science than it is political affiliation. If you are on the right, you most likely hated President Clinton, which means you hate Al Gore. Since Al Gore is a staunch supporter of the environment and chief proponent of the crusade to curb global warming, global warming must be BS! I have seen plenty of reports and scientific evidence supporting Gore's claims. What I haven't seen is much scientific evidence from the other side, just a few weak attempts to discredit Gore and global warming such as this recent interview from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

While I think there is far more evidence out there supporting the theory of Global Warming, does it really matter if the theory is true?

What I am asking you is this. If you do not believe in global warming, do you admit that pollution from our cars and factories such as mercury and nitrous oxide are bad for our environment as well as our health? Do you believe that it is in our best interest, as a nation, to become less dependent on foreign oil? If you are a non-believer and you answered yes to either of the preceding questions, I hope you are a supporter of green businesses and technology that strive to make green energy both practical and affordable for your average American.

Years from now I hope that my grandchildren live in a country where every new home is built with solar electricity, where any consumer can afford an electric car that is charged by the Sun's energy, and where the price we pay for petroleum products is no longer determined by OPEC. We cannot let politics get in the way of this issue folks.


karen said...

Yes I agree - and people outside of the US are extremely bored with hearing Americans who only want to talk about their own politics. The internet is global, the issue is global and the US is being left behind by the rest of the world who are beginning to look at Americans and see people who are self obsessed and greedy. It is not that hard to see that it is time to be responsible about our use of non renewable resources. I suggest that you do the following; Go to the Google homepage and click more at the top of the search field to the far right. Set up an alert for Global warming. Everytime a new post comes up you will get an email. Respond to the overly politised posts telling them that the rest of the world are bored, fed up and leaving the US behind with new cleaner technology and also with the US stalling this debate. Do not buy into either side of the fight. Just say that the US should get it's act together and stop argueing. Ask if they have seen an inconvenient truth and say that you were sceptical before you did but that it changed your mind (you could be on either side saying that) or say whatever you want but don't buy into the fight. If a few more people help (I am doing this as often as I can) it might help bring this into a world perspective rather than the US continueing with their stupid self indulgence.

JT said...


One of the major problems that we have is that many people think that global warming is an "environmental" problem...which is not entirely true. The environment is being affected...however the true problem is that we have an ENERGY problem. Global Warming can be attributed to burning fossil fuel, and our ever increasing demand for more energy is sending more C02 into the atmoshpere through our coal burning plants.

When the "right" says things like global warming activists are "fear mongering" it saddens me to discover how ignorant the US can be because of an issue that might require a change in lifestyle...or better put, a change of greed and selfishness.