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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Notice to Corporate America: Go Green.......or else!

.........or else face a backlash from consumers, not just today's green consumers but your typical consumer who is still in the process of learning that Green = Good and Ignoring Green = Bad. According to the Marketing Green blog, brands that ignore green initiatives and environmentally responsible business practices will be labeled as socially irresponsible, a label that is hard to shake (ask GE - people still talk about them dumping PCBs into the Hudson, that happened before I was born!).

From the Marketing Green blog's post titled Green Branding Imperative:

"Emerging green consumer purchase behavior suggests this scenario:

  • Despite the real threat of global warming, consumers will continue to spend on the things that they want and enjoy
  • Demand for green (or greener) products will increase over time as attitudes and social norms evolve, new product choices become available and information that enables consumers to make informed purchase decisions (e.g. green labels) is introduced
  • Consumers will start to shift spending to greener brands within a category
  • Consumers will increasingly prefer to purchase from companies with a brand that is perceived as green, regardless of whether or not the product that they ultimately purchase is one of the company’s “green” products"

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