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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Greenpeace in Chicago

On my walk back to my hotel after work today I ran into several members of Greenpeace's street team who were in town for the opening up of a new Greenpeace office in the windy city. I talked to one volunteer, Johnny, for several minutes on a number of topics, several from the posts on this blog, while he opened my eyes to several environmental issues I was unaware. Jonny Henderson (far left in picture), who hailed from the Los Angeles area, filled me in on the Trash Vortex that is killing wildlife and destroying the environment and beaches of the west coast. How did it get this bad?

We also touched briefly upon politics and he agreed with me that the Governor of his home state, while being a little over the top, is doing great things to lead the green movement. We also agreed on the dangers of liquid coal and how our politicians don't get it when it comes to ethanol, but I don't think Jonny was as keen on Wal-marts new environmentally bent. I told him to at least wait until we see if Wal-Mart does indeed put its money where its mouth is.

Oh, and I signed up to be a donating member of Greenpeace. Up until today I wasn't too aware of their purpose and initiatives since it seems that they are all over the place, but I was impressed with some of the big wins they've had when it comes to changing the habits and practices of big corporations like Coca-Cola, Dell Computer, Motorola, among many others. To donate please follow this link.


Anonymous said...

Greenpeace Chicago loves you!!!!!!!!!

michael said...

I love that Mr. Henderson has impacted you with his strong desire to change the world...lets spread the word that greenpeace is here to influence people to be eco friendly in any endeavor, frontier humanity deems worthy to trod upon.