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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hurting their cause - When individuals or segments of activist groups go over the top

Following my post on meeting up with Greenpeace in Chicago my friend who lives on Chicago's northside said that I was "joining up with a bunch of terrorists." He was referring to news of several incidents in which Greenpeace members from other geographies and countries went a little too far and actually did some things some would call "piracy." The charges of piracy came about when Greenpeace boats rammed into whaling boats. I think that is a ridiculous way to make your point and I do not condone it. I also do not label Greenpeace an "eco-terrorist" organization as this is an example of how idiots are everywhere and how idiots ruin it for the responsible ones.

The thing that made me think of this was a story from a friend this evening in which he and his car were caught in the middle of a Critical Mass event in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood. My friend was actually harassed as a mob of bicyclists surrounded his car and shouted and cursed at him. It came to a point where one of the riders hit his car with a bike lock, causing some damage. HOW RIDICULOUS!!!! Talk about hurting your cause. Just like the Greenpeace example, idiots are everywhere and just because a few of them did this at a Critical Mass rally in Pittsburgh it doesn't mean all members are complete loons.

Anyone else have any negative experiences with some of these activist groups?

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