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Thursday, July 5, 2007

How NOT to market a high tech company

Earlier today I was doing some investigation into what had become of Ebara Solar, a solar cell manufactuer out of Belle Vernon, PA that was purchased by Japan's Ebara Corp from Westinghouse Electric back in the 90's. It turns out the artist formerly known as Ebara Solar was shutdown in late 2002 and then eventually saved by a Chinese company that goes by the name "King of Fans." The company is now known as Solar Power Industries. I believe they are still the only solar manufacturing company in the state of Pennsylvania and quite frankly, their website is hideous. It looks like something I put together 12 years ago when I was a teenager figuring out how to code HTML over a 9600 bps modem. Ahhh, those were the days.

According to their latest news headlines, (which were not listed on the website!) it seems like the company is doing well so someone, please, get them a new website! Here is their contact information from the website,, notice how the contact for the web site is asking you to contact him for problems or "site suggestions."

For inquiries on products contact:
Dick Rosey at rrosey@solarpowerindustries.com or 724-379-2001

For employment opportunities contact:
Robert Lazzari at rlazzari@solarpowerindustries.com or 724-379-2003

For problems or web site suggestions contact:
Barry Munshower at bmunshower@solarpowerindustries.com or 724-379-2022

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marykrenek said...

sure love your site. as i was looking for pbs.org for the info on the recent broadcast about pa and solarpowerindustries i chanced upon your google info on the website issues. i guess theyre keeping it local and low budget like their preamble suggests. any whoo austin is a nice spot, i'm at speechzonepromotions.com, socodesignandcontractin.com, poetryofficepress.com. paz, mary