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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gas from Coal? Even Dirtier!

The NRDC posted an excellent cartoon bit on the ridiculousness of the subsidies being paid to big coal companies for liquid coal to fuel technology. From the NRDC's website:

The coal industry is touting a plan to transform millions of tons of coal into diesel and other liquid fuels - an expensive, inefficient process that releases large quantities of carbon dioxide, the worst global warming pollutant, into the air. Instead of offering viable answers to the critical problem of global warming, this senseless industry "solution" would exacerbate the problem: Relying on coal-derived liquid as an alternative to oil-based fuels could nearly double global warming pollution for every gallon of transportation fuel that is produced and used.

"Coal can do anything! It's no longer just another sooty rock to burn..."

"Why, I even drink a delicious glass of Coala every morning for an extra boost of some good old fashioned coal fired energy."

"Burn it. Drink it. Dump it. We don't care what you do - just buy our coal!"

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Frank said...

This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to get more press. I'd love to see this taken on in a presidential debate!

The Blurgh