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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not the most terrifying thing you will see, but still a very compelling arguement for taking action to prevent climate change

A high school science teacher named Greg Craven posted his theory on the possibilities of catastrophic climate change and the four scenarios that result based on whether or not we take action to prevent climate change and whether or not climate change is real. The photo below shows the four scenarios.

The biggest risk in taking action is a waste of billions and billions, maybe even trillions of dollars. Shown in Column A row 1, the result of us being wrong about climate change would be a Global Depression. The biggest risk in taking no action would be Column B row 2 which would be catastrophes that impact the economic, political, social, environmental, and health landscapes. Wow.

Mr. Craven, at about the 8 minute mark in the video, concludes that taking action is the only reasonable choice for us:

"When faced with uncertainty about our future, the only responsible choice, the only defensible choice, really the only choice is column A in order to eliminate this (column B row 2) is column A
because the risk of not acting far outweighs the risk of acting."

Mr. Craven then goes on to tell us to take the following action:

1. the only way to get into column A is changes in public policy
2. those only change when people demand it
3. do what we can to spread this argument and increase the demand for action (demand for column A).

So, send this video to your friends who are climate change skeptics. We need spread the word, because, as the author says, all it takes these days is a few mouse clicks to start an avalanche.

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