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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Van Jones: "We need a green economy that is strong enough to lift people out of poverty...."

The reality is, that there is only one solution to both of the crisis that we face. There is only one solution to the ecological crisis, the crisis of global warming, the crisis of global warming, there is only one solution to the social and economic crisis. and that solution is this: We need a green economy that is strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Simple as that. We need a green economy that honors the earth, but it cannot be a green economy only for the eco-chic, the eco-elite, the people who can afford to buy a hybrid, the people that can afford to put solar panels on their second home. I want them to buy a hybrid, I want them to put solar panels on their second home, but the people who are struggling right now for bus fare - they have a place too.
- Van Jones, 10/31/2007

What do politicians like Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton mean when they say they want to boost our economy through the creation of "Green Collar Jobs?" Van Jones, a civil rights activist out of California, is one of the leading advocates for using the green movement spurred by the race against climate change and global warming to create thousands of jobs throughout urban areas in the United States.

Last week, Van Jones was here in Pittsburgh to speak at the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference. Modeshift has a writeup of Jones's speech at the event. Details from that presentation will be posted but for now check out this interview with Van Jones over at the Grist.

Here is Van Jones speaking on behalf of his non profit "Green for All" about how a "Green wave should lift all boats."

Below is information on the upcoming "Dream Reborn" conference in Memphis the weekend of April 4th, 2008.

"The new dream has to be about the people and the planet too."


James Edward Dillard said...

Now this is a really important issue and I'm glad to see someone has taken it up as a cause. Unfortunately, far too many people in the green movement ignore the social ramifications of green technology (see Will Ferrell saying there's no reason everyone shouldn't own a Prius... like price isn't a reason).

But this goes beyond celebrities. Right now our current way of doing things isn't socially sustainable any more than it is environmentally sustainable.

We need to radically improve our education system, justify our justice system in addition to improving our energy system.

In short, everything needs to be done better/sooner/faster, by a whole new generation of entrepreneurs dedicated to meeting the triple bottom line.

time to go to work!

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Stephen Hammontree said...

I echo an earlier comment, this is an important issue. I'm a green builder/remodeler and as I scan the web about green projects, I'm floored with the huge "green" Mc-homes and the 200-300K fabprefabs that are out there. Our focus should be on green Habitat for Humanity homes and homes for the middle-class. I invite you to read this on reacting to the economic stimulus pkg we'll be receiving starting in May. We can invest in our futures, put people to work and grow our economy.