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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Governor Rendell's Energy Independence Bill finally approved

Finally, after almost a year and a half of wrangling over a 40 cent a month tax, the majority of Governor Ed Rendell's legislation for Energy Independence was finally approved by the state Senate during the 2009 budget negotiations. The new legislation, , which originally was for $850 million, will consist of $650 million in spending on a number of clean energy and energy conservation initiatives with the biggest chunk - $180 million, going towards solar power programs for residences and businesses ($100m) and capital investment ($80m) to lure new solar power manufacturers to the commonwealth. This is great news for Pennsylvania and, despite not getting the full $850 miillion, it is a big win for Ed Rendell, who may have his eye on the Secretary of Energy position. It is also a big win for DEP Secretary Katy McGinty, whom I feel should make a run for Governor in 2010. Both the TRIB and PG have more on this great news.

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