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Saturday, August 2, 2008

A way to improve the efficiency and accountability of pubic transportation

King County Metro Transit's website has a java based applet that shows you the real time progress of its network of buses.

Tracker Map View uses a JAVA applet to display real-time Metro transit vehicle locations. The applet should launch automatically upon reaching this page. If it does not, please check the system requirements. If you have closed the Tracker Map View applet and want to re-launch it again later, please reload/refresh this page.

Would be nice to have something like this here in Allegheny County!


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It enables us to express our feelings and opinions.

Jacqueline Smith said...

One way to increase the accountibility of our TRANSIT systems is to INSIST that the people making the decisions actually ride the buses. Does the City Council ride the bus? Does the transportation board ride the bus? For most communities, the transportation planners, city mgr, and city boards DO NOT ride the transit. They have know idea of the cost, timing, routes and may occasionally ride a bus as an alternate to their CAR but not every day for commute. Let them ride mass transit before they get paid for their "transit expertise" or elected to city planning!

Schultz said...

Amen Jacqueline!