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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're #10!!!

Forbes ranks Pittsburgh as the 10th hottest market for green jobs. How did they compile the rankings? You got me. While I'm not sure if we have a better green jobs market than Austin Texas, which is not in the rankings, I do think we have some promise when it comes to being a leading region for the green economy. I mentioned in previous posts that we have a growing biofuels sector, with SteelCity Biofuels and GTECH Strategies leading the way. We have some smaller market for solar manufacturers, which include the Mon Valley's Solar Power Industries, who recently announced that it is expanding and hiring 1500 workers over the next 3 years. Pittsburgh is not a region that with a substantial capacity for generating wind power, but we do have PPG industries, which manufactures coatings and materials that go on wind turbine blades. Unfortunately, while PPG gets credit for being green Pittsburgh doesn't get credit for the green jobs, since these jobs will be in one of PPG's plants in North Carolina.

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