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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Pittsburgh Penguins Arena, named after Coal Company, will aim for LEED Gold Certification

Earlier today Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced some of the city's green initiatives, as well as news that the Penguins arena, which will be named after local coal company Consol Energy, will aim for LEED gold certified status. I think this is great news for Pittsburgh which will now have two of the world's largest LEED certified buildings. Let's hope that the city gets back on track to being the leader in green building (I think we are now #7 in the US after being #1 several years back). In order to get back to #1 the city needs to adopt new building codes which will require developments of certain size to achieve at least LEED silver status. Other city's, like Grand Rapids, have seen dramatic results following the passage of green building legislation that requires larger buildings to be energy efficient. Bram posted some video footage of today's announcement, which took place at Market Square.

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Brandon said...

I am glad to see that the city is pursuing the LEED Gold Certification on the arena. I just think it is somewhat ironic that they pursue it with Consol who has had numerous water and air pollution fines under their belt.