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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bike parking ordinance in City

If you've tried to ride your bike around the city of Pittsburgh recently, you've probably noticed one thing. You're not alone. You're also not alone when looking for parking. It's great to see lots of interest in biking, and the city is starting to step up and accommodate these bikers.

For decades, there have been rules on the books that you need ample parking when building a new office building. But that parking has always applied to cars. Now city council has introduced a bike parking ordinance where new construction will need to accommodate bikers. Bike racks are a lot cheaper than parking spaces, and require very little real estate, but as I've noticed on recent bike rides, they're becoming indispensable in the city. This spring Philadelphia introduced a similar ordinance. Kudos to Pittsburgh City Council for following suit.

Read all about it at Bike-PGH. For a comprehensive look at where the city currently stands on biking, see their website. You can even apply to be a bike intern.

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