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Friday, August 28, 2009

3 TDP Final Draft Takeaways

Over the past year or so, Port Authority did an amazing thing. They hired consultants, performed an extensive study, held meetings to get feedback on the results of that study, and today is the day we've all been waiting for. Today is the day that the results and timeline get revealed. Well almost. There's one more hearing, but beginning in March 2010, changes will be implemented.

3 Most Important Takeaways - plus 1 Bonus Personal Item

1. The base fare is not increasing. A one-zone fare will remain $2 for the foreseeable future. Steve Bland didn't want to force commuters to carry coins. Perhaps this issue will be revisited next year when smartcards are in use?

2. Port Authority is inevitably embracing Bus Rapid Transit lines with no vision for how a potential light rail line between Oakland and Downtown would ever fit in. But maybe that's just realistic and practical?

3. The 28X Airport Flyer will no longer include the obligatory stop at the Ikea/Robinson megaplex.

Bonus Takeaway: There is no silver line. Port Authority dangled the Silver Line in front of me, then snatched it away. It's depressing for me and for Richard. But that's life.

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MH said...

If the Bus Rapid Transit thing actually works, I'll be back on the bus. The 61c was just too crowded and slow for me to tolerate for more than a few months at a time.