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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood

A big friendly Pittsburgh welcome goes out to EverPower who opened their Mid-Atlantic headquarters in Lawrenceville this week. The company is starting with a modest 6 employees in the region, but expects to expand that (along with its wind projects) to 35 employees in the next 18 months.

In an interview, Mr. Spencer [EverPower's CEO] said Pittsburgh first came under consideration as an office location simply because of geography. The city was almost dead center of both existing and planned projects in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. "Pittsburgh is closer to our western New York projects than our Manhattan office," he said.

We tend to think of Pittsburgh as isolated, but it's a very accessible city bridging the East Coast and the Midwest. Let's continue to take advantage of that. It would be a lovely sight to see windmills lining our rural highways all the way from New York City to Chicago.

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