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Monday, October 19, 2009

PNC's Living Wall

I just made my first trip back to Pittsburgh since we moved to Raleigh-Durham back in May. In addition to seeing first hand how it looks like a bomb was dropped on Market Square, I managed to check out PNC Financial's Living Wall at their headquarters on 5th Avenue. Very neat! In case you missed our earlier post about the proposed wall, Fast Company has the details on The Green Wall of Pittsburgh. Could this finally be the start of what I referred to as the transformation of Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle to The Green Triangle? Here is a post from over two years back where I envisioned a downtown of green roofs and green spaces. The new Market Square and PNC's living wall are a step in the right direction.


Green Apple said...

I would direct interested readers to an important article written about the PNC Green Wall. The URL is: http://greenapple.ca/blog/2009/10/29/green-wall-or-green-wash/

Living wall artist said...

That's definitely a step in the right direction with that green wall. I believe that's the largest installed green wall in North America.