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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy New Green Year Pittsburgh

Is this the year Pittsburgh makes it onto a top green cities list or gains us a major bike-friendly nod? We're getting off to an auspicious start.

First, a landmark study commissioned by the city was released this week which affirmed that LED street lights are the most efficient, green and money-saving option. The results of this study should kick the Pittsburgh streetlight conversion process into high gear.

Second, Pittsburgh unveiled new secure and bright green bike parking. For a mere $100 per year, you can have a reserved biking space downtown. With the impending lease of Pittsburgh Parking Authority parking garages (and resulting car parking price increases), I expect these will only get more valuable.

Third, even Newsweek is getting in on the Sandcastle-bashing, with an article on how the international amusement park company is holding up the last one mile of the Great Allegheny Passage. Maybe this is the year the trail is finally completed?

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shadow said...

I'm psyched for something to happen with the bike trail, but even more impressed by the LED streetlights I've seen being demoed in the South Side. They're quite bright!