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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Good Month For Biking

As if the freedom of the open road and saving money on a gym membership weren't enough reasons to hop on a bike this Spring, we have 3 new reasons in Pittsburgh:

1) Bike Parking.

In a 9-0 vote, council approved a measure that the planning commission approved last September. It would require developers to provide one bicycle parking space for every new project that is between 6,001 and 20,000 square feet and another space for every additional 10,000 square feet.


Nick said...

The whole lack of moving forward with the trail through the Sandcastle and Kennywood properties (both owned by Candover I believe) along the Mon is starting to wear on me. I mean how many years is this going to take?

Maybe officials should focus on completing the trail on the north shore of the Mon, past the Carrie Furnace, and link the Duck Hollow Trail with the South Side Trail via better access across the Glenwood Bridge. I think I read that Sandcastle officials thought that the master plan for the trail would be on the opposite shore as well. Given their obstructionist stance, it might be the way to go for now.

Anonymous said...

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