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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Al Gore should not run for President

I'm watching the "Green" Oscars at the moment and I think it is so great that several presenters, recipients, and even a performer were singing the praises of Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth to the millions of viewers around the world. It is so obvious that the momentum we are currently witnessing for alternative energy - at the universities, in silicon valley, and in all of the blogs and in the media - is due to one man and his determination to be heard. I just hope Al Gore does not ruin this momentum by jumping into the 2008 Presidential race. Here is why:

When was the last time a US President, or any international leader, has had the impact on a global scale the likes that Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth have had??

"This is not a republican issue or a democrat issue, or a red or blue issue"
- Melissa Ethridge during her acceptance speech at the Oscars

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