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Thursday, February 22, 2007

"If you really want to reduce the amount of oil that you consume, you have to reduce the amount of gasoline you use,"

Its that easy folks! You gotta love how President Bush breaks down one of our nations most complex problems. Use less gasoline, consume less oil. Next issue!

Okay, oil problem solved. Now what happens when we replace our entire, or most of our oil based vehicle fleet with ethanol based fuel? Are we better off? Not really. The ripple effect of using the farmers corn crop for fuel rather than food is going to be felt beyond our borders. Not only will farmers need to find a cheaper source of food for their livestock, but a sharp rise in demand for corn will hurt worldwide food production. Mexicans are already feeling a sting as the price of corn tortillas, a staple in the diet of most Mexicans, has risen steeply (corn has more than doubled over past year) ever since we started using ethanol as a gasoline additive.

Unfortunately, since the politicians must go through Iowa in the primaries, none of the Presidential candidates have acknowledged the downside of ethanol. Who gets it in Washington? I'm not sure if any of them "get it." John McCain was one of the few politicians who called out the bogus claims made by the pro-ethanol crowd, but now that he is running for President forget about it. More politicians need to jump on the Solar bandwagon. If we can get more homes using solar power, and get some electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road, you have the cleanest source of electricity powering a potentially zero emission vehicle. You can't come close to that with corn!

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