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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gas Prices are higher - GOOD!

Thank you OPEC. Thank you for not rigging the system so we see a crash in oil prices, which would (attempt to) weaken the arguement for alternative fuels. Hugo "The Devil" Chavez, the Che Guevara wanna-be, thinks he can single handedly thwart the United States' efforts towards energy independence. News flash for a-hole dictators or those who think our latest drive towards energy independence is a flash in the pan - the energy revolution is being televised. Unlike the 1970's, today millions are reading magazines, blogs, and watching the news to witness the astounding amount of money and political capital that is being spent on alternative energy and fuels. The VCs invested millions into biofuel and solar companies years ago, and now that the politicians are finally on board there is no stopping us. The alternative energy train has left the station and there is nothing that OPEC or Hugo Chavez can do to derail it.

By the way, in case you do not already know this, avoid buying gas from Citgo. If you are on empty on the New Jersey or PA turnpike, and Citgo is the only gas station within miles, just walk to the next exit or call the state police to pick you up. They will understand why you passed up a Citgo gas station Enough of my political rant and I apologize for changing the tone on this blog. All aboard for the next stop on the green energy railway!


Anonymous said...

watch dirct tv or dish at 4:am PT or 7:00 ET March 13 2007 and see how you can also save big money at the pump. General Schwarzkoph will do a interview you dont want to miss.

tell everyone you know

Fuel Additive said...

This could be a crazy summer the rate things are going. Hopefully this will wake some of the powers that be into really looking into other power sources.