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Friday, March 30, 2007

Hydro-Power Untapped Renewable Energy Resource

Natural running water & wave power are renewable energy resources that have been utilized by human kind since the formation of societies. However, now there is a company that has devised a way to utilize this energy in a new way. This company is called Verdant Power, they have devised a system that looks like a wind turbine (wind power) but is placed under water to capture the movement of the naturally moving water. This system is currently being tested in NY's east river which is in New York City. In addition engineering reports state that this power is not a danger to marine life because of it's slow rotation. This could bring cities and towns that have a close proximity to natural running water or coast lines one step closer to be being totally clean, green and independent of outside influences.

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Schultz said...

Any chance you can get down there to get us some pictures of this? Now that - would be awesome!