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Monday, March 26, 2007

Why Pittsburgh's air quality Sucks

This picture was taken as I drove through Shadyside, a primarily residential neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh's east end. I was driving two cars behind a dump truck (partially visible through the soot) on S. Aiken Ave as I witnessed it spewing black soot into the air, the same soot that causes particulate air pollution, one of the culprits behind asthma and various lung diseases. It is also to blame for Pittsburgh ranking among the worst cities for particle air pollution year after year.

Ironically, this photo was taken as I drove right passed UPMC Shadyside hospital, not to mention, I was blocks away from a school where young children were probably outside enjoying the nice weather during their lunch hour.

Mayor Luke - I know you are running unopposed in this spring's democratic primary but that doesn't mean you can tout Pittsburgh as a "green" city while we rank #1 on the list for cities with the worst pollution and we have trucks spewing soot into our residential neighborhoods. It's one thing to have these trucks emitting dirty soot on our bridges and highways, it is another that they do this where our children play and where the elderly are already suffering from lung disease. Please do more to clean up Pittsburgh than the "Redd Up" campaign started by your predecessor. Regulations need to be put in place - either these trucks burn cleaner fuels or they receive fines for polluting our neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes yes! Air and water pollution have got to be top priorities in the burgh. Pollution is the number one negative for living here, and it is rarely discussed. Green buildings don't even begin to address the problem. There are too many cars, trucks, and buses spewing garbage into the air. You are 100% correct - fine the bastards. Then, we need to go after the industrial polluters. These guys should end up like Mussolini - hung by their heels. It should be illegal to murder your neighbors by any means including industrial byproducts. Unfortunately, it isn't. It's unfortunate that the national guard won't protect us from these murderers.

I feel sorry for people who lose their jobs when these kinds of plants are closed; but at least they'll live longer.

Jami said...

so what can we do to be able to breathe again?


Nexpider said...

Ha! Good post, and you do bring up some very good points even in satire. There was an attack in Israel involving heavy machinery that ended in the death of an innocent. Something to think about and address for sure.

Nexpider said...

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