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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dude! Buy a Dell, plant a tree!

Buy a Dell and you can have them plant a tree for an extra $6! Wouldn't it be nice, however, if instead of asking the consumer for the $6 Dell donated some of it's own money to plant the tree? Someone remind Dell's CFO that it is no longer just about the bottom line these days. What if Dell decided to sell Green PCs and then set aside a certain amount of each sale for environmental causes, like planting trees? Just a thought.

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Bryant at Dell said...

Hi -this is Bryant, I work on environment issues at Dell. Apologies first for the delayed response -I'm just back from vacation today and catching up.

Thanks for the note about Plant a Tree -- it's important to put this program in context-it's part of a very broad commitment to environmental responsiblity by
Dell. Plant a Tree specifically allows us to partner with customers who want to take action to protect the environment. the program allows customers to offset the carbon impact of the electricity their computer will use.

Meanwhile Dell is making strides to make our products the most energy efficient in the industry (a stated goal - our latest business desktop computers are about 70 percent more efficient than previous generations), offering free recycling for any Dell branded equipment and designing all of our products with the environment in mind.

We'll continue to build out Plant a Tree and continue to invest in the program as we expand it to other markets and try to encourage more customers to take part.

I hope that helps explain the thinking behind the customer donation - any questions please let me know - thanks, Bryant