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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Madonna at Live Earth: "Start a Revolution!"

It is almost 11pm Saturday night and Live Earth is currently playing on three different stations on my TV, two of those three are in HD. A few years back I would have had to go pay-per-view for this event. Talk about progress. Madonna just completely rocked it, as did the Police who I just saw performing "Message in a Bottle" with Kanye West.

One thing that annoys me during these events is when the hardcore environmentalists focus on criticizing celebrities like Madonna or Al Gore for flying in private jets or driving SUVs. Yes, it sucks that they have to fly jets all over the place, but the positive impact a Madonna or Al Gore have had on raising the awareness of Global Warming is far greater than the negative impact or "carbon footprint" left behind by these individuals. How are these people supposed to travel around the world to spread their message? A Toyota Prius? I think the focus should be on improving the technology behind the methods they use to travel rather than the actual method itself. If more private jets use biofuels or something more efficient than current jet fuels then that is progress. We cannot expect everyone to start walking or taking the bus to work. That isn't going to happen. If we can get more individuals to use mass transit and car pool that would be great, but in the end not most individuals will not change their habits so we must focus on making our vehicles more fuel efficient and less polluting. Make sense?

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