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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Marketing green products? Forget the "times a million" math

I've been an avid follower and reader of Seth Godin for some time now yet this is one of the first posts he's had in while that is aligned with this blog.

Why aren't more people buying hybrids and other green products? Seth thinks it is the math that marketers use to tell the story. People aren't going to do the calculations when green marketers tell us that "if 1 million switch to (enter green product here), we will cut down on emitting 100 million pounds of CO2 emissions." They aren't going to do the math and they, they being your average American, do not care about being that .0001% solution to the big problem.

This marketing dilemma has been the biggest factor in solar power not being able to "cross the chasm", although a decline in prices and increases in subsidies continue to make solar more feasible for homeowners. It is also a big problem with marketing compact fluorescent light bulbs. Even though a CFL will typically save you about $40 a year per bulb it is tough to market that when the cost is ten or more times the standard.

The way to reach consumers and make more of them "go green" is to make the message hit home. "Buying a Prius saves the typical commuter $500 a year in fuel costs. The Prius also gets you a $2000 tax credit from Uncle Sam." That is more effective than the "times a million" math, don't you think?


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Ryan Baker said...

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