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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Read this PQ Report: The Truth about Pittsburgh's Air

Year after year Pittsburgh is ranked as one of the US city's with the poorest air quality. Almsot two years ago I wrote a post titled "Why Pittsburgh's air quality sucks." A few months after that post I wrote another titled "America's most livable city is once again rated....most polluted?" Back then I called on the mayor, whom I did not oppose at the time, to do more to regulate diesel emissions in the city of Pittsburgh. Needless to say the mayor has done nothing of the sort, and Allegheny County and county executive Dan Onarato have done a great job ignoring our air quality problem as well.

We are perennial favorites to be ranked #1 or #2 for particulate matter pollution, but despite the rankings there are always those who want to blame the results of the surveys on the monitoring system in Clairton, which is home to a US Steel coke plant. Well thankfully Pittsburgh Quarterly's Jeffrey Fraser has written a fantastic report titled "The truth about Pittsburgh's air" in this month's PQ magazine. The magazine is currently in stores, or you can read the report and other PQ articles via PDF. I encourage you to at least check out the air quality report so you at least know the truth about how bad it is out there. Thanks for Jeffrey Fraser for putting this issue into print.

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